Workflow Process  


Our Three(3) Step Guide To Creating Your Website


 Step 1

Prepare all the information you need. You’ll need the text, images and other information you want displayed on your site.

Step 2

Fill our simple web creation form, and we’ll have your site ready within 3 business days.

Step 3

Review, approve and your website is live and ready to showcase your business to the world.

Why We Choose The Keyword MyQuickWeb

Special attention is given to choosing MyQuickWeb as our main keyword for our home page. We want to target two aspects of our core target market. The first aspect we are targeting is users typing “a Nigeria quick and fastest web development” into their search engines.

The keyword is commonly used when people are searching for web design companies. However we also didn’t want to neglect our local target market. This is why the word MyQuickWeb was also added into the mix. The result is MyQuickWeb, a multi-purpose keyword that helps us direct our website to the correct audience.

MyQuickWeb is for our homepage. Let us optimise your website for search engines, just like we did here. 


Whether its a website or a social media account, we can help expose your business to a greater market